Big Data

The amount Data generated in the past 3 years is more than all the data created by humans since the beginning of time. In an increasingly digitalizing world, there is infinite number of data collection sources. More often than not, this data becomes a huge burden to organizations collecting them. It causes strain on their storage, devices and greatly limits the IT efficiency of an organization.

This is why Big Data Services and Big Data Solutions have become a buzz word in the IT services world in recent times. Big Data not only solves the problem of handling data, it makes that data work for you. There are infinite possibilities in applications of big data. From around the world, big data is helping is organizations to understand their customers, governments to understand their citizens, and medical science uses it to predict disease out-breaks and pandemics. While there’s no end to the possible uses of Big Data Analytics, there are technologies associated that help in making sense of the Data that is accumulated. Wonderwrks, with familiarity in all the different Big Data enabling technologies, has powered organizations to take hold of their data and analyze them to deliver actionable business insights. From Big Data Consulting to building custom Big Data Solutions Wonderwrks is one of the leading big data service providers with bases across three countries around the world including USA, Canada and India. Drawing from our global influence, the big data analytics solutions we provide are truly world-class. Give us a call today to learn how we can get your data working for you.

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Biggest Benefactors of Big Data
from Wonderwrks

While developers are still grasping at the infinite application possibilities of Big Data, it is already creating an impact in various industrial verticals. From sports to medical science, big data is making contributions that are making the lives millions of people around the world better. Here are some of the industries we at Wonderwrks have had an impact on through our Big Data Solutions.

  • Banking is yet another industrial sector that is highly dependent on data management. Big data solutions have provided the banking sector with much more than just data management. One the major struggles of banks in recent times is digital transformation. Big data solutions have helped banks to understand the requirements of their customers and covert most of those who use banks to take the digital services. In fact customers around the world now prefer banking services with minimal to no human interaction.


Why Can Big Data Solutions do For You?

  • Visualization

    Every person in an organization likes to know what their exact contribution to the company is. Not just that, knowing about where your business stands can help you grow. This is where big data solutions are most effective. Big Data solutions not just compile and analyze data, but it also helps you to visualize it. It is understandable that visual representation has ability to convey enormous amounts of data in a an easily cognizable way.

    Operating System