A new report from CIRP today looking at the US smart speaker market for the June quarter highlights the continued dominance of Amazon and Google

The story of the Robinhood stock trading app has come full circle. Once host to stock-pumping that saw near-worthless stocks like GME reach stratospheric levels

Bloomberg is out today with its annual Pay Index report covering the year 2020, ranking the compensation of top US executives and CEOs.

Following its reveal and international availability, Samsung is finally announcing details on bringing the Galaxy Tab S7 FE to the US this week.

We’ve made it halfway through the workweek, and now all of the best deals today have poured in following these Apple Watch SE price cuts starting at $269.

Based on what Google announced this week for its next set of flagship phones, the company is going all in on the premium space.

Google has launched a fantastic animated homepage Doodle featuring the letters of “Google” practicing COVID-19 prevention

The war on bezels has led to some creative solutions for selfie cameras, but the goal has clearly been finding a way to hide the camera underneath the display.

All of the best deals for today have gone live with the latest Google Wifi Mesh System at $150. That’s alongside $350 in savings on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Orgies are back. Or at least that’s what advertisers want you to believe. One commercial for chewing gum—whose sales tanked during 2020