Director of Sales WonderWrks has been awarded by ‪#‎Heartland‬ ‪#‎magazine‬ as ‪#‎WomeninBusiness‬.

Can you discuss your career journey and some of the difficulties you have encountered?

“I’m an advocate for leadership success. For the last 20 years, it’s been my privilege to work alongside men and women who do nothing but create engagement and opportunity for change. I’ve had the luxury of working right along with people who have suered and struggled with trying to own their engagement in the workplace or professionally grow within the workplace. Because of that, I’ve developed a love of seeing people take ownership, both personally and professionally, of where they want to go in life. I’ve been blessed to extend that opportunity to places outside Indiana, like markets in Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Missouri. I want to streamline communication and organizational management within an organization, and seeing that happen makes me want to keep sharing this with the rest of the world.”

How do you balance work responsibilities and your personal life?

“I tell my clients that you treat your time as if it’s your credit. You’re only accountable and responsible for so many hours a day, and I want to be able to give my best gis during the day, rather than my everything I have in a day. I’ve been extremely blessed to have been happily married for 25 years. I take that not lightly. It took work.

What’s the source of your motivation?

“My personal motivation is my connectedness to my God. I’m a Christian, and I’m a rm believer that we are called to serve. In this life, we get only one opportunity to do that. ere aren’t any do overs. What gives me the most joy and satisfaction is serving other people and allowing them to tap into their best strengths and their best qualities and characteristics so they can live a life more connected to what they want to do. at makes me feel connected to my own calling.”

What kind of advice would you give to a young professional woman?

“No one can do things better than we can. I have a true passion for women. Women have to juggle so many things, like our families and our personal growth and professional growth. ere are so many gis and talents that we have within ourselves that we oen nd it dicult to balance it all. It’s in your best interest to connect yourself to a mentor or model that will help get you to the next level. It’s important for women to stand up and be accounted for with the gis and the talents they have. You need to look to something bigger than yourself so you can connect to something bigger than yourself.”

How would you define success in your profession?

“My personal definition of success is being connected and fullled in all areas that matter most to me. An example is being married for 25 years. at takes skill, talent and determination. I have a successful career that’s impacting businesses, and that’s been rewarding. I’ve raised two productive children who make a wonderful contribution to society. I feel like I’m contributing to the support and strength of this community. In all areas that matter most to me, I’m making progress and I’m 100 percent satised and I’m looking at the journey and not just the target.