Software testing industry is growing at a very rapid pace. The number of people choosing software quality assurance as a career has grown over the years. The need to deliver high quality products has become the foremost goal of any company looking to make a breakthrough in the market. So in order to achieve this, the industry requires quality driven QA engineers that can guarantee a high quality product as an end result.

At Wonderwrks, we strongly believe in Quality in every aspect of our business processes. We believe that high quality product would be a possibility that can be ensured by engineers who believe in the need for it. Great software testers are investigators, able to apply their technical, analytical, and observational skills to uncover information that has value to their stakeholders, and communicate effectively about their discoveries. That means that great testers:

  • Use different analysis techniques to design tests cases/scenarios.
  • Breakthrough attitude and thinking out of box.
  • Have the technical skills necessary to dig below the surface of whatever they’re testing.
  • See things, clues to system behaviour, that other people tend to miss.
  • Have an understanding of how the software or system serves the business.
  • Have the communication skills necessary to explain their findings both verbally and in writing.
  • Thinking from Customers Prospective.
  • Do product market research and provide suggestions to improve it. This research will also help you understand your product and its market.
  • Risk identification.

Ultimately, we believe that quality assurance is a form of art that involves unrelenting need for perfection and quality which is why we believe we can deliver.