Developed for QA's by QA's


“Your Best QA MATE”

Automate QA designed on our own method of test cases (Test scripting) definition.Highly customizable reports as per defined requirements.Highly maintainable easily modify/ add custom components at any point in time to specifically test difference portions of the AUT.Detail oriented approach.No need to follow/adhere to a format specified by third party tools that allow very little customization.Tamper proof report generation.All types of Automation – Functional End to End test of GUI based application, Web services automation, Mobile Application etc., all handled with a single automation framework. Modular approach enabling hot fixes and updates whenever necessary.

Key Techniques

  • Robust, flexible and extensible framework and support test automation on diverse sets of web applications across domains
  • Greater Testability and scalability
  • Increased Performance
  • Multiple Browsers, Devices, OS and Screen Resolutions

Works With

Automate QA works with open source testing tools and frameworks such as Selenium WebDriver, Appium and JMeter, Cucumber Js,Protractor Js and JAVA to Run your tests developed on these tools in our platform.